Axon Rides Case Study: Launching Their Brand

Axon Rides Case Study: Launching Their Brand

We were first introduced to Axon via a mutual contact. We’ve worked closely with the video production company, Five on a Bike for a long time (even before Bacon Marketing came in to existence). Five on a Bike was asked by Axon to create a video to launch their e-bikes, who in turn introduced Bacon Marketing to provide an outsourced marketing team 

We were brought on board to manage the photoshoots for all elements of the brand, to help build and update their website, manage the e-commerce side of the business, and help build the best internal team possible through strategic recruitment.  

To see how our relationship with Axon has grown to the strong partnership we have today, acting as their marketing data and analysis team, while taking on any other projects they need, then click the button below to download our case study 

Is your business just starting? Have you been running for a while and just need a review and revamp of what you are doing? We can help.  

Find out more about the services we offer here. 

“Phil and his team understand the components of B2B marketing. What makes Bacon Marketing, in my opinion, unique, is they understand the link between sales and marketing. Tasked with building marketing frameworks from ideas, plans and strategy, Phil quickly assesses the landscape and what is really required from his perspective.  

You get what you pay for. Very clear and professional marketing consultancy backed with years of industry experience across data-driven campaigns. Phil understands how a business works. His investment is clear from the start and throughout secondments with immense levels of effort and passion.  

Phil and his team always deliver way above ROI (return on investment) to client relationships. That’s why he appears in my contact list as Marketing Legend”  

Neil Edwards – Axon 

We are Beyond

Bacon Marketing provides a full review, streamlining and optimisation service that will take your marketing and advertising to the next level.

Please see our range of services or complete the form to discuss your needs with us.

Straightforward Approach

We always start by finding out about your business, its unique, then we get to work on planning, building your strategy and adding sizzle to your marketing.

Our combined backgrounds are a combination of both generalist and digital marketers, largely focused on digital marketing and also how it can be blended with offline marketing. It has meant that we have had to be hands-on and strategic.

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