Bacon Marketing
  • Hands-on Marketing Management
  • PPC, Social and Email, Content
  • PPC, Social and Email Lead Generation
  • Website SEO and Content 
  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing Projects and Campaigns 
  • Regular Activities
  • Long and Short Term Marketing Planning
  • Audience Targeting
Bacon Marketing
  • PPC Management For Low Budget Ads Across Any Platform
  • Specific Task Orientated Training to Your Team 
  • Flexible Website Management– SEO and Content 
  • Lightweight – Social and PPC Management 
  • Cost Saving Analysis
  • Ideal for Small Businesses
Bacon Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy Director
  • Long Term Strategy
  • Team Management
  • Hands-on Marketing Management
  • Marketing Planning
  • Data Investigations
  • Product Launches

What Can We Do For You

Our combined backgrounds are a combination of both generalist and digital marketers, largely focused on digital marketing and also how it can be blended with offline marketing. It has meant that we have had to be hands-on and strategic.


We’ve worked on campaigns within Technology, Pharmaceutical, Education, Engineering, Manufacturing, Entertainment, FMCG, Luxury Goods and Homeware markets.


Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy, Analytics, Data Management, Website Management, Automation, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce and more.


Cost Savings

Cost Analysis, Marketing Spend, Budget Management, Return on Investment Analysis, Data Management, Supplier Negotiations and Sourcing 



Offline and Blended Strategy, Print Media, Design Review, PR, Event Management, Promotional Items, Street Level Promotion, Direct Mailing, Telemarketing. 


Customer Focused

Buyer Persona Generation, Sales Data Analysis, User Experience, Customer Journey Mapping, Lead Generation, CRM, Relatable Marketing and Case Studies.

Team planning

Try Our Process

It starts with a call, we discuss your needs, your wants and how you would like to work.

We produce a plan, a strategy, marketing without a plan is just spending time and money.

With the plan in place, we execute the planned activities and monitor the results, ready for the next stage.

Marketing Promotional Item - Lego Man - Vicon

Think outside the box

Who’s this fine chap?

This was the second Vicon Mini Fig, to celebrate the launch of Shogun, their new VFX platform. The first one came from the first product launch I did while there and the feedback was incredible, so much so that people were still asking for the first when we launched the second one.

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