Zapp Active Case Study: Strategy Day

Our Case Study For Our Bacon Marketing Strategy Day With Zapp Active. 

Problem - how to attract an audience to a platform for a minimum viable product test.

We’ve had this potential web platform for a combined system taking the best bits of Eventbrite, Just Eat, Where Can We Go, VoucherCloud, live streaming and Blogs all in one for quite some time, but beyond a few trials with the live streaming, we haven’t taken it any further forward yet.  
We have ideas, but we need a structure and processes to extract them and put them together into a plan, with necessary actions and clearly defined goals.  

History – called in the summer to start the conversation and started chatting, met for a covid safe coffee, which then one November day became a call – “Phil, I want your help, but I need to pay you for your time.”

Solution - The solution was to have a strategy day.   Sounds straightforward enough, right? 

We started at the most significant point in the proposed campaign and from here refined it and refined it until we got down to the nitty-gritty. In this case, we were going to go offline with a large portion of the marketing (odd given that it was a digital platform), but when you want to stand out from the crowd, doing the opposite of everybody else works. Think about nightclub street promotion teams, you rarely saw them Pre-covid, but the club’s that still used them to promote nights were regularly busy oPhat Nights in Southwest London being a prime example). Not relying on one method or channel is also crucial here, so reinforcing the offline campaigns with localised digital campaigns would be critical.  
Combining Facebook group activity paid promotion (geotargeted) and physical promotion that would include popup live events, the strategy for the next 3-6 months started to come together.  

Building a step-by-step market strategy 

Wrong. A strategy day is intense. Initially, I proposed splitting the day into two halves as I knew it would be intense, and there was only so much that the brain could take.  

The day was booked in and rapidly came around. Before that, the process went as follows: research the company and the offering. What are other people in a similar business doing, what other options are there for execution, who is the target market?  

We went through the steps on the day, detailing out from the beginning (even though I had been talking to Paul for quite some time). We covered the business background, the primary goals, short, mid and long term, who the target market was, and what had been done already.  

From here, I had an excellent place to start.  

Team planning

People buy from people!

Next was putting together the idea to make it attractive to potential collaborators. For this, we needed an alternative plan, something that hadn’t been considered before as everything had been focused on how to attract the users. Convincing potential collaborative partners is a challenge, especially if you are new to the market. Still, by removing any risk and adding incentives to the offering and delivering this information face-to-face (humanise that message) way, it is far easier to get buy-in from people. Remembering that people buy from people.

What elements go into the marketing mix?

Organic search, paid search and traditional content marketing, while good in the long run, was not entirely suitable for this particular campaign as they would take too long to propagate and penetrate. Plus, with a limited audience in the MVP group, anything organic would not test the theory quick enough.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, the ideas flowed freely from Cotswold Apps. It just takes somebody to draw them out, ask the right questions and help put them into a structure and processes to get them to work together.  

The day they were rounded off with a recap, actions being set for their team to go through and further support if needed.  

“We hired Phil to do a one-day marketing strategy and can honestly say it’s was the tonic we needed. Phil grilled us the nth degree before working together to build the marketing ideas into a workable strategy with achievable tasks. We would highly recommend working with Phil.” Paul – Zapp Active

Over to you

Is your business just starting? Have you been running for a while and just need a review and revamp of what you are doing? We can help. 

You can find out more about our Strategy Days here. 

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