Why should strategic use of LinkedIn be part of your marketing mix?

Why should strategic use of LinkedIn be part of your marketing mix?

In 2022, it’s essential that your marketing keeps up with the year’s hottest trends. We know that social media has continued to grow over the past few years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.   

One of the key players in the B2B and B2C market is LinkedIn, and as of August 2021, LinkedIn is now in the top three best tools for digital advertising in the B2B market space.   

However, when we asked our followers how they used the platform, we found that:

  • Only 22% use LinkedIn for strictly business reasons.


  • 60% use it for building relationships. 


  • 10% use LinkedIn for personal branding.


  • And only 8% like to use LinkedIn for fun, light content.    

You can read our full report discussing “How Businesses Use Social Media” here:  https://baconmarketing.co.uk/how-do-businesses-use-social-media 

To use LinkedIn to its full potential, you should strategically implement the platform within your marketing mix. Here’s why.   


Reach millions.

With over 58 million business accounts active, communicating to over 770 million users, LinkedIn is one of the main social media platforms for businesses. That’s 770 million potential people to reach with your messages. These are new people who you may not have been able to reach on other social media platforms.   

According to LinkedIn’s comprehensive report for 2021, their advertising business surpassed $1 billion in revenue for the first time. In addition, advertisers recognise that LinkedIn is viewed as a trusted platform, and now 58 million companies have built their brand communities on LinkedIn. This is dominantly through ads.   

The targeting on LinkedIn is specific to the users’ career, rather than interests. You can narrow down your audience to the job titles, sector, position, education and even company they work for.   

So, for example, if you wanted to run an advert specific to those with a higher income, you can target CEO’s, Directors and managers. Or, if you sell beauty products, you can target those who work in the industry who are responsible for stock. 

Show your business and human side on one platform.

LinkedIn is mainly a networking platform to talk to clients, collaborators, employees, and future hires.   

You can look at a business you want to talk to, see their employees and connect with their marketing manager or just talk to your colleagues. It’s ideal to find and communicate with all your key contacts.  

But what exactly are you talking to your stakeholders about? The messaging for LinkedIn isn’t the same as your typical socials. You can post professional content, such as blogs and articles, to show your expertise and input within your sector.  

However, you can also show your human side. You can celebrate the wins of your employees, run polls, share memes or even post the sandwich you had for lunch. Essentially, LinkedIn is a base for all your content.  

Join a group.

LinkedIn has the option for you to join and create groups. You can use these groups to talk to people directly interested in the kind of content you post. This can be potential customers, other like-minded people within your sector or even employees.    

In groups, you can direct message the users without officially connecting. This will increase your reach and allow you to start a conversation with individuals who weren’t initially available to you. 

 You should also engage with their content, adding relevant comments and showcasing your experience.   

With over 2.9 million groups on LinkedIn, there is sure to be at least one group that fits your needs.   

Find the perfect addition to your team.

LinkedIn continues to grow and evolve, with new features being added to the platform to reflect the users’ needs. However, the original use for LinkedIn was recruitment. So, to find the perfect addition to your team, you can post the job on LinkedIn.  

The platform has many tools which make applying for and posting jobs easier. Including saving jobs, job alerts, salary comparisons, skills assessments, endorsements, interview prep, CV builder and job seeker guidance.   

Hey, I was even hired by Bacon Marketing after applying for the job on LinkedIn!  

See what your competitors are up to.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, which you can use to stalk your ex, you can use LinkedIn to see what your competitors are up to. Just as you post what your business is up to, they tend to do the same. This is valuable information that you can use against them.   

For example, if they have a product launch coming up, why not showcase your products and how they compare. Or, if they release a blog that highlights why they are great, release a blog that shows why you are better.   

Some people also use this to head hunt their competitors’ employees. Do you want their marketing managers? Why not drop them a line? It is sneaky, but it’s what some users do.   

What Now?

Need help with your LinkedIn? Not sure where to start? We will take over all your social media marketing.   

We are here to optimise your marketing and add sizzle at the same time. We are an extension to your marketing team, or your entire marketing team if you don’t have one in house.   

Head over to our services page to find out how Bacon Marketing can support your marketing and see our full range of marketing services.



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