The key Digital Resources for Any Marketer


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Digital marketing is a pretty broad term. This can include anything from social media, emails, websites and blog posts. However, the resources and content we use throughout can be used on pretty much any platform. But what are the key digital resources to explore? I am going to tell you some of the best methods to put your message across that doesn’t include text.  

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. 

When showing off what you can do and the product or service you offer, a simple image can go a long way. They are a cheap and often free way to show off your brand. You can use images all across the board when it comes to digital marketing. That one photo you took can be used in emails, social media, on your website and even blog posts. It’s a one size fits all. You don’t even need to take them yourself; stock images can be just as good. 

But It’s important you don’t just choose a filler image to go with your content. Choose something impactful that actually says something about you and your business. Use them to tell a story and create an emotion within your audience.  You can include photos that highlights the key features of your product/ service or even show the people within your team, brining your brand to life.  

Don’t have an image that tells the right story?  Need a free website for stock images? Unsplash is a great free platform with hundreds of images and videos for you to download at the click of a button.

Info + Graphics= Infographics 

Want to get large quantities of information out to the market? Want to just show text instead of photos? Then you can create a graphic or infographic. Much like images, they can be used across all of your platforms and are just as engaging. They are the ideal way to show facts and figures about your business, show the customer journey or even a general announcement. Their main purpose is to show information that is important to you, hence the term “infographic”.

Infographics and graphics are pretty simple to design. But if you don’t have an inhouse designer, then try out Canva. A free tool (with the option to go premium for a small price), that allows you to create anything visually digital, from posters to infographics, short videos and even slideshows.

Gifs or Jifs? 

It’s pronounced GIF as the G stands for Graphic. In full it’s: Graphic Interchangeable Format. They are essentially mini looped videos, which have taken the internet by storm. Again, they can be used across pretty much all formats and are a great way to show the funny and casual side of your business. But more importantly, they show they human side of your brand. 

Hint: They are especially good for using on Twitter and in the comments of most social media platforms.  

Most platforms have the option for you to choose from their collection of pre-loaded Gifs. But you can create your own. Giphy is the best place to create and explore gifs.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, what about a video? 

Videos are one of the classic promotional tools which is still popular today. You can pretty much use them to tell any story and you can post them on any platform. In a business world they are used to promote a product or service, show a conferences/ events or even interviews and reviews. 

For your audience, these are one of the easiest ways for them to consume information quickly. Did you know,  Tiktok, users can consume over 600 videos in an hour?! 

When it comes to video, you don’t need a Hollywood blockbuster. Just a camera (even a smartphone) and something interesting to say. Ideally, a video advert across social media should be no longer than a minute. They should be well paced, informative, entertaining and straight to the point.  

Don’t want to record your own then head over to for stock videos.

Say it a little louder for the people in the back  

The spoken word is one of the oldest forms of storytelling and is still going strong today, especially in the digital world. We are talking of course about podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to discuss a product, service or theme in length. Podcast in the UK alone have over 15.6 million listeners. And there is a podcast for pretty much anything… and I mean anything. So, you have a good chance of building up listeners and active fans. You can even promote the link to your podcasts on social media, your website and via email.  

All you need for a podcast is a microphone, a way to record sound and something to say. But what happens once you have your audio recorded and edited? Well, you need a platform. You can upload the full episode to your website or YouTube for free. However, the best places for Podcasts will cost you. Spotify, iTunes and Apple Podcasts are your best options but you will need to pay.  


Various lipstick smudges

When I say “Filters”, I am not talking about putting a filter over your images. I am talking about creating your own filter to upload Facebook and Instagram, a platform where 9 out of 10 people follow business accounts.  

Businesses now have the option to make and add filters for social media users to explore, use and share. You can add sound effects, change the background of their images, add features to their face or even track movements. They are a fun yet affective way to get your brand out to Instagram and Facebook 

The tool Spark AR is the Facebook/ Instagram owned platform that allows you to create your own filters.

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The key Digital Resources for Any Marketer

Digital marketing is a pretty broad term. This can include anything from social media, emails, websites and blog posts. However, the resources and content we

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