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Are you over-engineering and overthinking your marketing activities

Marketing a business used to be easy; your choices were limited and revolved around radio, television, and print at national and local levels. Companies with big budgets dominated, and everyone else did what they could to carve out a niche. 

The digital age and the advent of search engines levelled the playing field through breadth and diversity. Savvy marketers could compete with big budgets through innovation, creativity, and hard graft. 

The exponential growth of the internet and search engines in particular continued, and then came social media. 

Where once a company might have a business card pinned to the corkboard of the local butchers, a radio ad featuring a catchy jingle, a quarter-page ad in the local paper and a dream of getting on the telly, the marketing landscape has exploded. 

It’s tough to remember which marketing and advertising channels are available to you, let alone how to set up and manage them effectively. 

  • Which channels do your business use? 
  • Which channel provides the most conversions? (sales and/or leads) 
  • Which channel offers the most return on investment (ROI)? 

If you can’t easily answer these questions, then maybe it’s time to audit your activities and streamline them. 

How do I streamline my marketing?

Knowledge is power, so start with an audit of all of your marketing activities. 

Work out the ROI of each channel. (If you can’t work out any, they go at the bottom) 

Order them from Best to Worst ROI, and starting at the bottom, work your way upwards. 

For each channel, assess whether the issue stems from a lack of reporting, investment, or expertise. 

E.g. My Google AdWords account is at the bottom. Is this because? 

  • There’s an issue with the tracking, or you’re not tracking conversions 
  • My budgets are too small, or we haven’t invested time into optimising the account 
  • We lack sufficient expertise to benefit from this activity properly 

Using the above example, decide whether you can correct the issue in-house, will it require 3rd party help or if you should pause this activity in favour of higher ROI activities. 

Rinse and repeat this process for all activities until you have made it to the top and have a list of your channels, their respective ROI and a strategy for enhancing all of your activities. 

We are Beyond

Bacon Marketing provides a full review, streamlining and optimisation service that will take your marketing and advertising to the next level.

Please see our range of services or complete the form to discuss your needs with us.

Straightforward Approach

We always start by finding out about your business, its unique, then we get to work on planning, building your strategy and adding sizzle to your marketing.

Our combined backgrounds are a combination of both generalist and digital marketers, largely focused on digital marketing and also how it can be blended with offline marketing. It has meant that we have had to be hands-on and strategic.

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