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Marketing services for growing businesses

A growing business needs a marketing team and more often than not, it is not possible to have a marketing strategist, marketing manager, marketing executive, content and social media specialists, but you might have one of them in-house, if you don’t, then we can be your entire team without the high cost of employing a whole team.

So why would you need to have these extra resources?

Marketing is not a one-person job, having a more senior member of the team can help a less experienced marketer grow and also support them with key decisions.

Having additional junior and marketing specialists to hand makes day to day tasks and important marketing projects much easier and quicker to achieve.

That’s where we step in.

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Having your own PPC, SEO and Social Media and Content Management “in-house” can save you thousands of pounds a year. Add to that, the fact that they do it day in day out across multiple companies, they have already got more experience than most would gain by staying in one place.

Having them all done together means that messaging is consistent, SEO feeding into PPC, Content feeding into Social, all feeding into one and repurposing maximises the use of each activity.

In our team, we have years of marketing experience at management and director level.

We haven’t taken our fingers off the pulse either, we still actively do the actual marketing activities too.

Part of the management aspect is to make sure that you have strategies in place to achieve your goals and a plan with identifiable actions.

Data is one of the key elements that drives marketing, sending the right message to the right person is paramount.

From creating audiences for targeted advertising, organic social activity and engagement based targeted email marketing.

This is where marketing and sales come together as well. Have you got outstanding quotes that haven’t yet converted, use this data to target ads, emails, social media activity to help convert these. We do this!

What do we mean by marketing projects?

We mean, everything from product launches to full web development with all your content and messaging.

Planned, executed and done in a way that doesn’t impact your day to day marketing activities and enables you to get them done with a separate team.

We manage the relationships with specialist agencies to deliver everything from photography and web development to display building and PR, our relationships mean that we have already done the negotiating on costs.

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