Marketing Tips Roundup for September

Get animated

Marketing Tips Roundup For September

If you follow Bacon Marketing over on our LinkedIn, you may have noticed our #TuesdayTips, and #ThursdayTips posted every week. That is right; twice a week, we reveal some of our tips and tricks that every business and marketer must know when it comes to marketing a business.  

Not had a chance to read our LinkedIn, then here’s our September tips all in one place!  

Get Animated

Why not spice up an image or infographic with a short animation. Turning your images into a video is a fantastic way to add variety to your content and is more attractive to followers. Not sure how to do this? Canva has free options to edit mini videos and graphics. 

Make It Personal

Try to personalise your email marketing campaigns to make a connection with your contacts. Most email marketing platforms have options to add personal details, humanising your messages and showing you care about your customers. Just adding a first name to an email can go a long way. 

Get animated

Celebrate The Little Things

You have heard the saying ‘A little can go a long way’ and we agree. By celebrating the little wins such as a new client, a birthday of an employee or even a new feature in the office, you can show the human side of the brand. You are letting people know that there are faces behind the business! 


Make your loyal customers feel like a celebrity by adding them to a VIP list. Send them exclusive offers, early releases and other loyalty rewards to say thank you for their relationship. 

go live

Create Your Own #

Create unique hashtags for events or products so followers and your marketing team can find relevant posts on social media. You never know, you might be a trend setter. 

Go Live

Most Social Media platforms have features for live videos, ideal for product reveals, Q and A’s, and events. By going live on Instagram, Facebook or even LinkedIn you can interact with your audience in real-time and humanise your brand. So next time you have something new to share, why not try it live? 

Continue Shopping?

Reduce the number of those abandoning baskets by setting up automations. This strategy allows you to automatically send an email to the user when they click off their online cart before buying. There are plenty of email platforms that let you set up abandoned cart automations, from Mailchimp and Omnisend to HubSpot. 

X Marks The Spot

Got an event coming up? Make the event location the end of a scavenger hunt, where people must solve puzzles to uncover the address. Puzzles can be solved over time, with hints being sent for months before the event or even on the day, where they must walk around the city following clues. The event will be a great talking point and an interesting campaign to share. 

Writing Lines

Grab the attention of your email subscribers by writing a catchy subject line. Highlight what the email is about and why they should open it in just a few words. Will they get a discount? Will they get advice or an overview of your new products? – You need to answer, what’s in it for them? 

Googling Yourself

Use Google Search Console to see what people Googled to find your website. Then use the top search terms as keywords in your website copy and metadata to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

writing lines

Want More Tips?

Didn’t catch last month’s tips? You can read our August round up blog here: 

 Updated marketing tips and inspirational content is available on our blog page right now! We regularly post all about the world of Marketing…something you don’t want to miss. Explore our blog here.  

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