Marketing Tips Roundup for October

Marketing Tips Roundup for October  

This October don’t let your marketing scare you.  

Over on our LinkedIn, you may have seen our #TuedayTips and #ThursdayTips that we post every week. That’s right, twice a week, we share some of our exclusive tricks, tips, and hacks to improve your marketing activities.  

Not seen our posts? Well, lucky for you, we release a full list of our top marketing tips every month, so you can find them all in one place.  

Get Excited for Christmas!

Christmas is now under 100 days away. The holiday season is the busiest time of year for retailers, so they need to be well prepared. To get this right, marketers should start planning campaigns early in the year. With less than two months left until Christmas, you better start now! 

Get on Your Mobile Phone

Never ignore the mobile experience of your website. Google takes mobile optimisation very seriously. If your mobile site performs poorly, this will push you down the rankings. It’s essential to test how mobile responsive your website is. Google runs a mobile-friendly test that allows you to evaluate your site. 


Use flash sales or discounts to create an incentive. Consumers spend a lot of time on the internet, so they will leave your website if they think they can get a similar product somewhere else. That’s’ why you can offer discount codes or other incentives, like free shipping, to give them a final push towards the basket. 

Jump Onto Their Screens

Jump onto their screens by creating a pop up on your website. (And we don’t mean in a jump scare kind of way). Have small messages appear on your users’ screens when they are browsing. You can use these pop-ups to highlight any offers going or encourage potential customers to sign up for your newsletter.

Only One Will Win

Boost interaction on social media by running competitions. Instructions on how to win can include: following and sharing the post or tagging two other people. This will encourage massive interaction on your profile.  

Be Kind, Rewind.

One of the most frustrating parts of shopping is the returns policy. That’s why you should make it visible to customers on your website. You can do this by highlighting a link when viewing an item or ensuring it’s seen at checkout. Transparency and language will aid their buying decision. Make sure you are open and honest and that your policy isn’t filled with jargon. 

It's The Final Countdown

Want to keep customers from clicking off their baskets? Why not add a timer? By giving your customers a time limit to buy a product, you create urgency and fear of missing out on the product, as they will believe the product is in high demand and may run out of stock in a matter of minutes.

Get Dressed Up

Have you got an event or holiday coming up? Then update your marketing and branding for a short period. This can include changing the logo to rainbow for pride or Christmas themed website banners. Whatever it is, get creative… as it’s only for a brief period anyway

Didn’t catch last month’s tips? You can read our September round-up blog here.  

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