Marketing Tips August Roundup


Marketing Tips Roundup for August  

If you follow Bacon Marketing over on our LinkedIn, you may have noticed our #TuesdayTips, and #ThursdayTips posted each and every week. That’s rights; twice a week, we reveal some of our tips and tricks that every business and marketer must know when it comes to marketing a business.   

Not had a chance to read through our LinkedIn, then here’s our August tips all in one place!  

Interview on Twitter  

Looking for opinions or people to interview for blogs? Then use the #journorequest on social media to request and find journalism opportunities.  Pro Tip: Twitter is the most active for this hashtag. 


Know the platforms. 

Sometimes, it’s easier to post the same content across all platforms when it comes to social media. But each social media platform is unique, and each social platform has a unique set of conventions for content. You should consider the audience, the tone of voice and even the type of media that works best, then tailor your content to reflect this.

know the platform

Post… just not on your website.

A great way to improve your SEO score and reassure Google of your validity is for other websites to point to yours. Try to add links to the comments in relevant blog posts and collab with others to get your website out there. 


Pick up the pace! 
When it comes to your website, you should be monitoring your loading time. Ideally, a website should take under 2 seconds to load. Any slower, and this may increase your bounce rate.  

Pick up the pace

Get in Groups  

Facebook groups are a great way to find and interact with those in your sector. Small business groups are great to promote to B2B, and fan pages are ideal for those focused on B2C. Can’t find a group to suit you? Why not make your own? 

get into groups


Follow the smell and sizzle of Bacon!  

A great way to improve your marketing is to keep an eye on tips from professionals. Lucky for you, we post tips on LinkedIn every Tuesday and Thursday. So, follow us now for tips and secrets that every business and marketer must know. 


Know Your Keywords 

When using Google Ads, you can test new keywords for your ads and website SEO. The Google Ads Keyword Planner allows you to search for relevant keywords, search volumes and even CPC.  Just open your Google Ads, click ‘Tools and Settings’ in the top right corner, then click ‘Keyword Planner’, under the Planner dropdown. 


Want some more tips from our previous months? Here’s some more posts from our LinkedIn that you may not have seen.  

  • Marketers Assemble! 
    Collaborate with relevant businesses and influencers in your sector. That way, you can share your knowledge, resources and most importantly, the followers, giving you a whole new list of people more likely to engage with your content. 

  • Don’t be a robot! 
    People appreciate seeing the human side of the business, so try to put a little bit of you in everything you post. Not sure where to start? Try celebrating life events and team successes. 

  • Keep it fresh this summer. 
    You need to constantly update your social media, emails, blog and website to stay fresh and exciting to your followers. Regular updates on your website will also improve your SEO score, so it’s a win-win. 

  • Mind your language! 
    You can use the language of your target audience to show your casual tone of voice whilst also appearing to be the expert. This shows you know the market; you understand the audience and are part of the community. 

  • Take The Test. 
    Not sure what audience works best for an ad, then try A/B testing. Use the exact copy but different audiences to see what group shows the best response. You can also test anything with A/B testing, from ad copy, budgets, images, videos and locations. So, get testing! 

  • Don’t use a filter, be the filter. 
    Did you know that you can now make your own branded filters for Facebook and Instagram, platforms where 9 out of 10 people follow business accounts? Businesses now have the option to make and add filters for social media users to explore, use and share. The tool Spark AR allows you to create your own filters. 

  • Be A Trendsetter. 
    When creating content, it’s a great idea to see what your competitors are doing and go the other way. If you see a blog on 10 reasons why something is dying, write a blog on 11 reasons why it isn’t. If they zig, you could zag; you never know… you could end up being a trendsetter. 

  • Stock up on Stock. 
    Need an image to go with your marketing content but don’t have any saved? Go for free stock images! A great free stock photo and video platform is Unsplash. 

  • Wash, Rinse and Repeat. 
    Need a quick post for the day? Why not reuse an old post? Simply find a post that performed well and tweak the copy, change the image or simply repost and reflect on the performance. Social media is forever updating, so chances are, your followers won’t even notice. 

  • You Do You! 
    Social media is a platform for you to show off the human side of your brand. Let your audience know that there is a face behind the business. A good way to do this is through video. Speak to your audience directly with mini vlogs and interviews. As this is just social media, you don’t need any production value. 


  • Don’t just use hashtags but use hashtags… to search what people are saying. 
    You probably use hashtags in your social post, but you should also search relevant hashtags to see what others in your sector are posting about. Keep up to date on the trends and find inspiration for your own posts. 

  • Get commenting! 
    A good way to show you are active on social media is to comment on posts relevant to you and your business. People will see your name, and if they like what you have to say, they will probably give you a follow or a reply back. 

  • #Hashtag 
    How many hashtags are too many hashtags? We all know that hashtags are great at bringing people to your social media posts. But having too many hashtags can be damaging to the success of your content. Firstly, it looks messy and desperate, but most importantly, the social algorithm will not look at your content favourably. Our advice, no more than 3 hashtags per post. 

  • KISS! 
    When creating content, it’s pretty easy to go overboard. You can waffle on about your business and all the great things you do. But it’s best to KISS (Keep It Simple Silly). Get straight to the point and keep your content easy to understand. 

  • Think of the weekend. 
    Many businesses operate a 9-5, Monday- Friday, but that doesn’t mean your marketing should be. It is always ideal to check when your audience is online and active and schedule content to align with this activity. People apply for jobs over the weekend, shop online over the weekend, and many still work. So, get posting when they do! 

  • Get on the polls… 
    LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool and the best way to start conversations with relevant people in your industry. A great way to do that is by asking open-end questions and inviting responses. You can do this by setting up polls with options for followers to share opinions on hot topics important to your business. You can get a feel of what matters the most to others and who may be interested in new services or products. So, get on the polls! 

Updated marketing tips and inspirational content is available on our blog page right now! We regularly post all about the world of Marketing…something you don’t want to miss. Explore our blog here.   

To keep up to date on our marketing tips posted TWICE A WEEK, follow us on LinkedIn!   

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