Marketing Strategy Day

Why do you need a marketing strategy action day?

Your day-to-day marketing is just that, day-to-day, or you haven’t started marketing your business at all, or you need an extra set of eyes, ears and ideas or even a specific campaign, maybe for a product launch or for a change in direction.

Or simply you want a senior marketer involved in your marketing strategy, but can’t justify the cost of having one full time.

Strategy Day

How does it work?

A marketing strategy day starts with a questionnaire and research into your company, find out how you are seen from the outside and what your goals are.

From there we agree on a set of points to cover for the day and then we book the day in.

The day starts at 9 am and finishes at approximately 4:30 pm and we take a 30-minute break for lunch. The day involves discussions about your business, what your business needs are and the goals that you have set.

We will expand on these points, set SMART targets, create an action plan and an overall multichannel strategy that is unique to you.


You will need to provide access to any analytical data and paid search/social accounts prior to the day for analysis purposes.

What Does A Marketing Strategy Day Include?

The marketing strategy day with Bacon Marketing includes:

  • Preliminary research
  • A 1 to 1 (or many if you have a team) day
  • Follow-ups to ensure you are on track
  • Marketing planner with an overview plan of key activities
  • Analysis sheets

Where does it take place?

The marketing strategy day is carried out over Microsoft Teams or face to face when possible.

What’s the Return on Investment?

That is a tricky one, strategy alone won’t deliver you a return on investment, but actions will. By having a strategy and a plan, the actions you invest in then have a much higher chance of success and driving higher conversions.

How much does it cost?

For a marketing strategy day, including preparation time, the cost is £495+VAT, if you have a specific requirement, please contact us and we will discuss a tailored solution for you.

Next steps?

Contact us to book you Strategy Day. 


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