Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy Service.

Marketing Services Ideal for Businesses without A Marketing Director. 

You have a team of marketers who are responsible for individual marketing activities. You have someone updating your social media, you have someone sending emails and you have an in-house designer but do you have someone guiding these marketers to implement your strategies and marketing activities?

If not, leave it to us.

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You know your business and you know your USP but you need a way to get your message out to the public. You need a marketing strategy.  

Having a marketing strategy is a great way to keep your marketing on track and stick to a desired brand but following implementing your strategy can be time consuming and difficult to keep under control.  

You need someone to direct your marketing and your marketing team. 

That’s where we come in, we will act as you Marketing Strategy Director to plan, initiate and keep your marketing strategies running. 

Are you in it for the long run? 

We know that businesses don’t just live in the now but the future. When keeping a business up and running for years to come, you need to think long term in everything you do. You need to plan out your goals and how you want to reach them. You also need a marketing team to meet to implement your long-term strategies. 

That’s why we are offer Long Term Strategy and Team Management. We are here to create strategies that last and manage your marketing team to ensure your strategies and marketing activities are on track for success.  

Your brand is out in the world but you can’t just leave it to the elements. You need to lead and influence the way a brand looks and feels in the market. You can take control of all the external communication of your business. 

 Don’t have the time or are worried about getting the messages wrong? We are here to provide you with hands- on marketing management. We will take full control of your marketing so you don’t have to, giving you time for other projects.  

You have your long-term strategy but you now need to plan all your marketing activities.  

With over 10 years of work going into this, our own go-to starting point is creating a long- and short-term plan, with a month-by-month overview that can then be broken down to daily activities.  

We can create this plan for you! 

We don’t just cover digital marketing, but offline marketing, direct marketing, events and more, we hope you also find it useful, even as just a starting off point. 

We have said it once and we will say it again, it’s all in the numbers. You want to launch a new product or enter a new market but are unsure on how it will perform or how best to approach? Then you need to investigate the numbers. You need someone who knows what they are looking at and what the numbers mean.  

We are that person. We are here to look into the data across your platforms and in the market to ensure you are making the most of your content and budgets.  

Brining out a new product into the marketing is an exciting time, stressful but exciting. You need to plan and publish most of your marketing content before your product is even ready to sell. You need to build a hype across all your Digital Platforms to ensure your new product or service lands.  

 That’s why we are here to support your launch across all your marketing platforms, from social media to press, blogs, emails and even photo and video shoots. Leave it to us.  

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