Mahr Case Study: Data Wrangling

Mahr Data Wrangling

Our client had a serious problem; they were struggling under the weight of too much data, from too many sources that spanned back over a decade, making it hard for the team to make informed decisions. Some of the problems included: 

  • Millions of pounds worth of quotes had been arranged by sales team members,  
  • Little or inconsistent follow up due to the multitude of systems.  
  • This has led to money being lost by the client.  


The client also needed to see their data in terms of which quote was most likely to convert into an actual sale, partially based on past activity and partially based on levels of engagement from their customer. They also wanted to see how often and recently the sales team had interacted with the customers and how often the customer had bought machinery from them.  

To find out how we helped the Mahr team to wrangle their data and identify £4.5 million in potential profit, then click the button below to download our case study. 

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