Humanising Marketing Messaging

Digital Marketing Messaging

A New Way To Deliver Messaging

Cut through the noise with a new way to deliver flexible and highly targeted messages direct to your audience on your website and in-app and with push notification, end result =

  • Higher Click-throughs
  • Higher Sales
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Critical Message Delivery

And the best bit, no expensive specialist equipment, no studios, record and deliver new content from anywhere.

People Buy From People, Enable your brand’s personal face.

Digital Messaging

When was the last time you spoke directly to your customer?

People like to be treated like people, valued, spoken directly to about things that they want to hear about.

Whether that is when you are delivering a marketing or sales message or looking after the customer experience.

For example:

During 2020, if you could have delivered a real human face to your audience to update them about how you were dealing with COVID, would it have reduced your call volume. Yes.

If you are running a time-limited campaign and want to drive very specific conversions and higher click-throughs, would a line of text do it, or would you listen to a voice telling you what to do next? The voice wins every time.

It also improves the usability of your site. But wait, it isn’t limited to just websites, think about the in-app experience too, push notifications out to your app and website at the same time, deliver a unified experience to your audience, be more human.

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