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If you need to set up Google Analytics and Google Ads from scratch to send over to somebody else to fully manage them, these are the steps to follow.

Google Analytics set up

  1. Go to – https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/
  2. Click – Create Account
  3. Click – Sign in instead and go through sign in (you might be able to skip this step)
  4. Click – set up for free
  5. Here we are in the setup – so you’ll need to name it with your company name – see image below, click “next”
  6. Then select what you want to track – in this case – Web, then click “Next”
  7. Finally, you need to give it a little more detail about your site, name the campaign, insert website address, then location, timezone and business type, and click “Create” – See image below
  8. You’ll be asked to agree to data tracking agreements, change it to UK and tick the boxes to move on. Once you have done that you’ll be in Google Analytics. Part 1 Done!
  9. Part 2 – You have two options for adding tracking to the website, tags or code, I can liaise with your developer to get this sorted.
  10. On the left-hand side there should be a panel, click on “Property User Management”, it will pop up a screen and in the top right-hand corner will be a Blue circle with a plus in it, click that and my email address “[email protected]” and click the option “edit”. This will invite them to your account.
That’s Google Analytics sorted.

Google Ads set up

  1. Go to – https://ads.google.com/intl/en_GB/home/
  2. Click Start Now (as you are already signed in)
  3. Then click the link towards the bottom that says – Switch to expert mode
  4. Click the link at the bottom of the box that says – Create an account without a campaign
  5. Confirm your business details and click “Submit” and then, “explore your campaign
  6. Go to the top bar and click on the dropdown “Tools and Settings”
  7. Then Setup, and finally Access and security.
  8. Again, look for the Blue Circle and + sign, this time on the left
  9. Add my email address [email protected] and permissions “Admin” and click “Send Invitation”
That, for now, is your part done. You’ll need to add bank card details later to fund the campaign, but that can be done once it is ready to go.