How Do Businesses Use Social Media?

How Do Businesses Use social media?  

We’ve been hitting the polls (no, not those polls) and discovering some insights on how people use social media within their marketing.  

We have done the research so you don’t need to. We have spent the last few months creating and publishing surveys on LinkedIn. Now, the results are in! So, with that being said, let’s get into the stats.  


Linking with Professionals on LinkedIn?  

LinkedIn is the professional one, right? Every day, 100’s of 1000’s of posts, using video, pictures, polls, articles and more, are added to LinkedIn. There is quite a divide between how it’s used and how some people think it should be used. Many just use it to show their business activities but many are comfortable to share personal stories and experience.  





So, we thought we would ask how marketers and business professionals use LinkedIn. We discovered: 

  • 22% use LinkedIn for strictly business reasons, 
  • 60% use it for building relationships, 
  • 10% use LinkedIn for personal branding, 
  • 8% like to use LinkedIn for fun, light content.  

Are you Talking Twitter?  

Twitter seems like one of the more obvious social media platforms to use if you for B2C, but did you know Twitter also makes for an excellent Networking tool? You could use the 240 allocated characters to create nonsense or you could reach out and interact with other businesses and key contacts in your chosen industry. 





To see if people have been making the most of Twitter, we asked; Do you engage with brands and companies on Twitter, we found that 22% of you don’t even have Twitter. For those who did: 

  • 25% of marketers do use twitter to their full advantage, expanding their content past traditional posting,  
  • Whereas, a very high 53% just use it to well… tweet.  

Are You Engaging with the Faces behind Facebook?  

It’s free, easy to set up, fully established and a great place to interact with other small businesses through groups. So, it is a bit of a no brainer to at least try to gain some momentum there.  




That’s why we asked businesses and professionals if they engage with small businesses on Facebook. Here’s what we found:  

  • 48% take full advantage of Facebook and interact with other businesses, compared to the 42% who only use the platforms to promote themselves.  
  • 8% said they interact with other businesses if they know the owner. Not the best way to network, but it’s a step in the right direction.  

Interacting on Instagram? 

Company Instagram accounts – a true visual representation of the company or a sanitised grid of images? Instagram has a place in the social media marketing mix for a lot of companies, maybe not all, but there is a way that it can be used for most. Some seem random but have beautiful well taken pictures, videos and graphics. Others are freestyle, real life and then there are the ones that are obsessed with how “the grid” looks.  





Despite all this, with over a billion active users, 90% of them follow a business account. That’s why we asked, how many business professionals follow and interact with other business accounts?  

  • Shockingly, 63% don’t. Meaning 63% of their possible audience also don’t engage with their brand/company Instagram account, 
  • 16% interact with businesses they see on their feed, compared to just 6% who interact with businesses on their profile, 
  • The remaining 15% interact through their feed and on profiles.  

Are you just Ticking along on TikTok ?  

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media channels. Tik Tok saw its success after Vine left our phones . In 2018 TikTok had around 680 million users but this number has grown to over 1.1 billion in 2021.  Famous amongst the teen community, marketers have been slowly joining the platform to target the younger B2C demographic. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be on TikTok. One of our commenters even used the expression “To TIKTOK or not to TIKTOK? This is the question” and here is the answer: 

  • Only 10% are actually on and using Tiktok for marketing. That being said, 71% of people said they were considering using the platform. Pollers indicated that they would begin to use TikTok once the B2B market is fully established on the platform, 
  • However, 16% haven’t even thought about it…Maybe they will now.  


So why should this 16% think about using TikTok? Well, we all know video is incredibly powerful, a short video can communicate a 1000 words quickly and effectively, plus increases engagement. You don’t necessarily need to create a new video; you can edit a pre-existing video.  However, we found that: 

  • Only 5% re-use video content on one platform, but 41% used the content on other mediums, such as their website and emails,  
  •  27% of people said they use the video they create but only once, 
  •  Surprisingly, we found that 27% of marketers don’t even use video.  

Do You Pin on Pinterest?  

Pinterest is a search engine. Yes, you read that right. It’s a very visual one but is a powerful none the less. So, if you have a product, have 10 products or have a service offering that is heavily reliant on visuals, Pinterest is potentially your friend. Especially if you want to attract a very specific market and are looking at paid advertising. Pinterest has a low cost per click and generates high traffic. 





  • 20% of marketers use Pinterest.
  • 57% of marketers don’t.
  • And 22% of people don’t even understand the platform. 

Looking back at these questions, where do you see yourself? Are you using social media to your full advantage? Hopefully, this article has inspired you to explore other avenues.  

Not sure where to start? Why not ask a pig? Here at Bacon Marketing, we can make your social media sizzle. To find out more, click on ‘Services’ in the menu or follow the link here.

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