Direct Marketing Campaigns

Why a direct mail marketing campaign?

The point of using direct mail over a cold email campaign is that 1, it doesn’t fall under the GDPR rules, you can physically put something in the hand of your potential customer that makes them think about your company each and every time they see it and most importantly, it helps you to cut through the noise.

The average business email inbox gets over 100 emails per day, of that over 80% is either cold and unsolicited or general promotional marketing that doesn’t get opened. 

How many pieces of physical mail have you received recently that you have put straight in the bin? Not many, even less if it is personally addressed to you. Now think about that, your customers feel the same. 

Direct Mail

How does it work?

First step is we work out what the best approach is for you. From a sales orientated letter to a brand box. We can tailor the solution to you and more importantly your potential customers.

We research and brainstorm ideas around your business and the campaign objectives. Then we set about finding the right message.

Sales Letters – We write direct sales copy that converts (we know, we have done the same process ourselves). Then we create a list and it can then be mailed out via traditional mail for you or we can arrange high-quality print and you can take a more personal, local approach if you want to get hands-on.


What Does A Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Include? 

The direct mail marketing campaign with Bacon Marketing includes:

  • Preliminary research
  • Handpicked contacts to mail out to (up to 100 companies)
  • Data purchasing on larger campaigns
  • Sales and follow up messaging
  • Process mapping
  • Printing
  • Logistics
  • Sourcing promotional items

Where does it take place?

The majority of this is carried out remotely from you, we source and supply the promotional goods and would not provide anything that we wouldn’t send out ourselves. Once the items are picked we will send you samples where possible of non-customised pieces.

What’s the Return on Investment?

Depending on how many people you are approaching and how much you spend per piece going out, the returns on investment from this could be as much as 30000% or more (this is no exaggeration, our own campaigns around this have returned in excess of this on a per unit basis).

How much does it cost?

For a direct mail marketing campaign, costs start from £395+VAT for a simple campaign and the only constraints are our combined imaginations (and your budget) but we can tailor solutions to any budget or market. Please contact us and we will discuss the right solution for you.

Next steps?

Contact us to book your direct mail campaign

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