Best Practices for Technology Marketing


Tips for Marketing Within the Technology Sector

As IT and Technology Marketing specialists, we know the sector and the best marketing practices to get out message out to our audience. We have done the research, know the trends, know what works and understand the importance of channel marketing.  

Here we are sharing some of our tips and best practices with you for Marketing Within the Technology Sector:


Use of Language

Most Technology companies will be marketing to the B2B sector, so chances are, they will understand the terminology and even a lot of the slang. You can use the language of your target audience to show your casual tone of voice, whilst also appearing to be the experts. This shows you know the market; you understand the audience and are part of the community. However, if you are engaging with the general public, I would ease off on the official terminology, as they probably won’t know what you are on about.  


Stray From the Path 

The Technology sector is one of the fastest growing and most competitive industries out there so you need to stand out. This may involve you literally shouting a unique perspective in a sea of content. To improve your chances of being heard, try to offer something truly unique, and that doesn’t just mean your product or service. Be a voice in the sector where you can offer unique perspectives on ways of working or using technology and discuss on blogs and on social media. 

See what your competitors are doing and go the other way. If you see a blog on 10 reasons why something is dying, write a blog on 11 reasons why it isn’t. If they zig, you could zag; you never know… you could end up being a trend setter.  


Use the trends 

Not a trend setter? No worries. Just stay up to date. You need to be as fast as the sector you are in and nothing is faster than technology. You can play around with the use of AI in your marketing, look into creating VR only videos, launch something into space, edit a popular meme, create useful merch or just comment on the emerging technologies. These are just some of the trends for now. In 10 years or so, this could turn into marketing on Mars. 

Despite all this, don’t just abandon the traditional marketing strategies, a simple marketing email or post on Instagram can go a long way. But remember to DO YOUR RESEARCH, this will allow you to get the message out at the right time, to the right people on the right platform. 


Keep it fresh  

To put it simply, keep updating your content. You need to be seen to be highly responsive and active across all your marketing platforms. Post on social media regularly, write blog posts each month, make a website update and send regular marketing emails. Regular updates on your website will also improve your SEO score, so it’s a win win.  You should be adding this content to your marketing plan to keep on top of your posting. 



The great thing about this sector is the number of different software and hardware available. Chances are, the product or service will go hand in hand with what you do, so why not try and collaborate? That way, you can share your knowledge, resources and most importantly, the followers. This will give you a whole new list of people more likely to engage with your content.  

Collaborating can also mean working with Technology influencers. You can sponsor their content and in return they will shout about your product/ service to their list of followers (and your potential clients). This can include a show off of what you do, an unboxing video and even a ‘How to Use’ guide.  


Want to know a little more about Bacon Marketing and the IT & Technology sector? You can read our blog post How Bacon Marketing Are The Experts At Marketing For The IT And Technology Sector

Need any help with marketing in the Technology Sector, we can help!

Here at Bacon Marketing, we can optimise your marketing and add sizzle at the same time. We can be an extension to your marketing team, or be your marketing team if you don’t have one.  

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