Bacon Marketing – Part 1 – Phil’s Story

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2020 had been enough of a year for most people, myself included. With my job sat firmly in the at risk category due to outside factors, I knew it was time to start the job hunt again. 1900 applications in 16 weeks, hours upon hours of prep for interviews at senior level and the jobs disappearing at the last minute to be replaced with junior ones as budgets got slashed (one application took over 80 hours and had a full hands-on 6-month marketing plan in there, you can have a copy if you email me). Enough was enough, I had been documenting my job hunt on LinkedIn and had been encouraged by a number of people to go it alone, after speaking to a few people, they gave me the boost I needed to go solo.

I had already been carrying out marketing activities for clients on the side of my day job anyway, so it was just a case of scaling that up, and if you are reading this, the scaling up is working. Between working in-house, marketing agencies and freelance, I have worked on 1,000’s of successful campaigns and managed 100’s of relationships

I identified a key issue for a number of companies and that was the affordability of senior marketing staff and in some cases, no marketing staff at all, leaving MD’s and owners juggling that along with the other 100+ hats they already needed to wear to make their businesses successful.

If this sounds like you, then I can and will help you, making your business successful through marketing is the goal and there are a lot of way to do that.

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