Authenticate MailChimp

Be Authentic With Mailchimp!- A step By Step Guide

Getting over one of the first hurdles when sending emails from Mailchimp

Level – Beginner
Platform – Mailchimp

When you first set up your MailChimp account you might find that you have a few problems getting your messages out there. Before you send them you should be Verifying and Authenticating your sending domain, this not only sets you off in the right direction but can help to reduce potential problems later down the line.

Step 1

The first step is to verify that you are the owner or authorised to use the domain that you are sending from. To do this go to the account page (under the drop-down at the top), then settings and domains.

Here you will find a button that says “Verify A Domain”, if you click on it, you will get this form, complete it with your domain owned email address. For instance,, hit send and check your inbox.

Step 2

In your inbox you will have an email from MailChimp, open it and inside will look like this. Click the “Verify Domain Access” button, which takes you back to Mailchimp. Verification is complete.

Step 3

Go back into the Domain page and now you need to click on the “Authenticate” button next to your domain name. You will be faced with a screen like the one below, to move on from here you will need access to your domain registration account, which might be with your IT Manager.

Once you have these login details you will need to add two additional records to your DNS records. I haven’t included exact instructions on how to do this as it will vary between providers.

With the above steps, you will be able to copy and paste the details straight out of Mailchimp so you will not need to hand type them, this saves the potential for errors.

Click save on each as you do them and then go back to MailChimp, in theory, it can take up to 48 hours for this to propagate through, but more often than not, it is much quicker. Try after a few hours to authenticate the domain with the button at the bottom of the form (don’t worry you can close it and come back, the details won’t change.)

With this complete, you are good to go. Whilst you can send without doing the authentication, it is considered a best practice to get it set up from the beginning and is one of the things that gets picked up when doing email blacklist audits for clients who have skipped this step.

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