7 marketing activities to do while budgets are stopped

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A lot of companies have stopped marketing spends during this time and while these activities below might seem a little basic, reverting back to basics when the more complex and costly activities are not available or achievable.

  1. Email and CRM audience clean up

    If you aren’t already regularly cleaning up your contacts in both your email and CRM system then now is a great opportunity to put the processes in place to do so. Set your criteria out, split between engaged and unengaged, customers and non-customers, high value vs low value (based on spend). Check out the blog post on audience clean up.

  2. Website checks

    There are plenty of areas of your company website that can be checked, but normal day to day activities for the average marketing team, these often get forgotten or left behind on a to-do list.

    1. Broken links
      Using a broken link checking tool such as Ahref’s Broken Link Tool can identify broken links within your website both internally and outbound external links. This plays a small part in the SEO process and also improves the visitor user experience.
    2. Technical SEO updates
      If your website has been live for many years, there may be parts of it that are not as well optimised as they could be by up to date standards, and not forgetting last summers Google update that knocked off a lot of high performing pages from their high ranking positions due to not being updated recently. Areas to consider updating; MetaData, Alt Text, Images and body copy, either expand on points to bring them up to date if the content is out of date or refine it so that it still in line with your company voice.Take a look at the websites and e-commerce page to find out how I can help you if you want a little extra outside support.
  3. Content production

    If content production isn’t something you are already doing regularly, now is a great time to come up with a plan for the next 12 months, combining, text, images, video and audio. From informative and comparative pieces to training resources and entertaining content. Undertaking this will help with your overall SEO plan and provides content for lead magnets. If you don’t have these skills in house, drop us an email, we can help you and introduce you to the right people to get your content produced, from copywriting to voiceovers and videos. We have access to professional voice artists who work for national broadcasting companies and also in the west end.

  4. Email automation

    When was the last time you checked your automated emails? Check the open and engagement rates as well as the content. Review the statistics, use these to refine your emails and also check that the content is still relevant. If anything is broken, out of date, or unengaging grab this opportunity to revise them.

  5. Lead Generation Automation

    If you haven’t got anything capturing data on your website or through your social media, get something in place now, trial a few options and compare results and have it ready for when you are driving paid traffic to your website. One of the keys here is getting the information out there and also following this up. A three-stage approach is favoured by many, too many attempted engagements can be annoying to the audience, so limit them, step one deliver content, sep two survey their usage or thoughts on the content, step three, directly engage with them if they responded to step two through an actual human being, pick up the phone, send a personal email, the automation comes from an automated notification to your business development team. This doesn’t need to be solely email, mixed media including SMS and WhatsApp can be used if you have a mobile number and consent to do so.

  6. Lead magnets

    Linking together with the new automation are your lead magnets, strong pieces of content or tools to give away from free in return for contact details, take these into account when creating new content and reserve your strongest pieces for lead magnets and link them together with a strong automation chain.

  7. Social media content curation and scheduling

    While the networks are flooded right now and getting engagement organically might be harder to break through, getting content out regularly and even with small engagement numbers, your audience is going to grow and your authority will become stronger.

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