Check these 7 things off to make your emails better

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While user-generated content, voice, AI and accessibility become even hotter topics moving into 2020. Still the basics of email marketing need to be remembered. Simple things including strong subject lines, appropriate and correct personalisation, deliverability and compatibility. Not forgetting actually having something worthwhile saying in the first place.

Create a checklist for each email:

  1. Plan what you are going to say, what your focus action is and have the copy proofed
  2. Draft a variety of subject lines so that you can test them for open rate responsiveness
  3. Resize images so that they fit naturally in the confines of an email
  4. Build the email
  5. Test send to either multiple devices and platforms or use a testing tool such as Email on Acid or Litmus
  6. Review email and make sure the user experience (UX) is appropriate for your audience and that it functions on the majority 99.9%+ of potential device/platform combinations
  7. Schedule your email, based on past performance and analytics of when the best time to reach your audience is. If you don’t have this data yet, the AI built into platforms like Mailchimp will help you to send the email at the optimised time.

Why should you do these things?

Daily we still get emails with:

  • Weak subject lines.
  • Poor personalisation (pretty sure my name is not Susan).
  • Emails going straight to my junk/spam folder that I want to see.
  • Emails that just don’t seem to want to display on any device or platform.

If there could be one thing we would push for 2020, that would be marketers paying attention to how an email works (straight forward, send your self a test email). Focusing on message and getting the email formatting to work on the majority of devices and platforms. While this is not always entirely possible, a little bit more care and attention should be paid when sending marketing communications. All too often we see emails that don’t work, not just on mobile but on desktop too, the ones that just completely blow the viewing frame apart.

Thankfully this is getting less frequent, but still, it happens daily. It shows that there is a lack of understanding in design user experience and compatibility across different platforms.

Predominantly these come from companies that are of a reasonable size. But if we could have one thing for email for 2020, that would be people testing and making sure their emails at least look good and render correctly on the majority of platforms.

If you just don’t have time to do this and make sure your emails work, drop us a line and we would be happy to help you deliver better emails.

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