6 Ways to reduce your monthly Mailchimp costs

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Earlier this year Mailchimp changed their pricing model and at first, everybody was up in arms about it. At the time it wasn’t clear what this was going to mean to most of their customers.

In short, it meant nothing to start with, but over time legacy pricing starts to slip away and everybody ends up on the new pricing model. Which means every contact counts, even unsubscribed ones, and very quickly bills start adding up. We aren’t talking about huge bills, but what was £150 a month became £180, then £200, then £210 and keeps creeping up.

For budget-conscious marketers, this can cause a little bit of a problem part way through a financial year. With budgets confirm in advance and money having to be moved from one pot to another. To get around this increase there are a number of activities that the savvy email marketer can do.

1 – Delete contacts

Not the first thing that most marketers want to do. But it is the standard reaction when costs start increasing. Cut the list down.

When should you do this?

You should only do this to contacts that you know are dead and are of absolutely no use to you any more. With some of the new features within Mailchimp, the uncontactable contacts still carry some value for targeted adverts and lookalike audiences.

2 – Run a re-optin campaign

Running a re-optin campaign you will find out who is and who isn’t interested in you as a brand. Those who aren’t interested, you can safely assume aren’t going to want to see social adverts either. These should also be part of your permissions request.

3 – Change your package

It is quite obvious, but changing your base package will save you money, if you have a small list (under 2000 contacts) and you don’t need all the features of a paid service, drop to the free package, if you don’t want to use the social retargeting, drop to essentials. Compare the plans and see if you are using all the features of the plan you are on.

4 – Check your Mandrill sends

Are you sending transactional mail via Mandrill? If you are and it is a low volume, consider switching to another platform, for instance, Send in Blue. If you have a high volume, review what emails are going out, could you condense the number of emails and move content around to bring your overall send count down by a block? For every block you can reduce your send count by it saves up to $20 a block.

5 – Depulipcate your audiences

If you have multiple audiences, merge them into one and manage them with tags, not only will it make your marketing more effective, but it will reduce the number of contacts you have in your lists. All their history will be in one place and you can identify where they came from easily. Recently we have reduced an accounts audiences by 4 audience lists and about 20,000 contacts, saving them almost £600+VAT over a year.

6 – Archive

One of the lesser-used features within Mailchimp’s audience management tool is the archive feature. By using this you can keep your contacts, their history and restore them. By archiving them, they don’t count towards your contact count and therefore, you don’t get billed for them.

If you want help with this, we can put a strategy in place to help you keep your costs down and also reduce your costs from your next bill. Read more about our email services here.

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