5 Tips to migrate from bricks and mortar to online – Featured on Radio Wiltshire

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How to start attracting your offline audience to your digital channels 

As featured on Radio Wiltshire (BBC) breakfast show – 16/02/2021

  1. Plans and Strategy
    • Know what you want to achieve, when you want to reach that by and how you want to get there. Any marketing campaign without a strategy and a plan behind it is unlikely to reach its fullest potential. There are many tools available to help with planning, including our year-long marketing planner.
  2. Know where your audience is (digitally)
    • When you start trying to get out to your audience you need to work out where they are, which channels will work for your business and where your audience is most likely to engage.
    • B2B focused businesses are most likely to perform better on LinkedIn, combined with email marketing, Google Ads and possibly a direct mail campaign. An audience for a younger market that needs something more visual, a combination of TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat.
  3. How do you recreate the experience that your customer is used to?
    • Clear communication is key, using strong visuals to make sure that customers can still see the products in the best possible light. Adding services including live chat and using messenger services through your social accounts and being responsive to comments made is also important to the brand and customer experience.
  4. How do you migrate your audience from offline to online?
    • Simple, tell them.
    • If you have already got an email database, use it, already got social accounts, announce it.
    • Shop windows – put posters up to direct them to socials and website.
    • Take advantage of things like QR codes and NFC to take your audience straight to specific landing pages.
  5. Know your budget!
    • When you start marketing your business in a new way there is a lot that can be done for free, but is your time best spent there, you can become disheartened quickly when the results aren’t there (see point 2). Know what to do and where.
    • When you need to start paying for advertising and services, know how much you are willing to spend and also what you are happy to spend on acquiring new (and reacquiring) customers. You can quickly burn through money if you aren’t careful.

If you need help, ask somebody that knows what and how to do it. A marketing strategy day could help you make the most of your marketing and get you going in the right direction.

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