10 Minute Marketing For Freelancers

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Being a freelancer isn’t easy, you have to work on and in the business, you are the business. Right? I know this is right. You know the 80/20 rule, it applies to almost everything (mainly problems) but in this case, it should be applied to the amount of time you spend on and in the business. 20% that is all I am suggesting, working on growing and marketing you as a business.

Thing is that isn’t always viable, where the hell do you start?

  1. First of all you need a goal.
  2. Then a strategy
  3. Then a website
  4. Then a…

STOP, while this might work for a business where they are already established and each part is just an expansion, it doesn’t necessarily work for you as a business. And then there is cost. Everything in marketing costs money. Marketing in most companies is seen as one of the biggest costs and also at the same time one of the hardest parts to nail down an ROI on the bulk of the activities, ROI on brand awareness?!?

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